uSync is an emerging social network that focuses on connecting you with people through your words and work. You can quickly connect with chat, make plans to do hangout with your group or plan a memorable event. You can connect with people and form groups that can scale to include millions of people. You will have the tools to manage complex conversations and personal conversations all within the same app. uSync is a platform that gives you the potential to monetize some of your work, pay for services or events that you want to attend.  As with other platforms, you can use just a few of the features. As your network grows, know that you have many powerful options to increase your social capital. Here's an example of how you might get started using a familiar and popular example.

Let's say photography has been something you’ve thought about pursuing and you secretly dream about becoming a world-famous photographer one day. Maybe you’d love to start a side hustle as a wedding photographer that could slowly replace your 9-5.

On uSync, you can find all the tools you need to take that interest in photography and scale it up to whatever level you want. What if in a couple of years you could go from storing your photos on your phone to hosting a conference on photography that invites experts from around the world? It’s not as big of a stretch as you might imagine.

If you’re looking to get into photography but haven’t taken many photos yet, or you’re not quite sure what your personal style might be, uSync’s Discover is the first thing you see when you open the uSync app. As you scroll, you'll find different Galleries and Profiles of photographers that catch your attention. You can then Save, Pin and Share them, which will tell uSync that you want to see more of that kind of content. Pretty soon, your feed will be customized to give you more inspiration and help you understand the trends in photography and formulate your own style.

Creating a Collection of photography you like can serve as an inspiration board, but as you start taking more of your own photos, you can create a Collection of your work. Think of it as a portfolio that you can then share with potential clients. Let’s say you want to get into the wedding photography business and you’ve done your first photoshoot for a friend. Create a Collection of your best shots and use it to show other prospective clients what you can do. Worried about privacy? You can adjust the privacy settings of everything you share on uSync so that only select users can see your work. And because uSync is made to encompass all parts of your life, from personal to professional, it is much more convenient for you to find that next client. Someone might come across your work while browsing on their down time and decide that you would work well together. For you, that convenience could mean more business opportunities.

If you’re looking for a little mentorship on your photography journey, there’s no better place to connect to those you admire than uSync. If you find someone whose work you admire, you can direct message them to ask for advice and insight into how they started their career. If it’s a specific industry you’re interested in, you can ask if they know any other contacts that might be helpful. You can even talk about what equipment they use, or share a link to an article you both might find interesting.

No matter how brilliant your photography is, your work shouldn’t just speak for itself. Why? Because there is so much behind-the-scenes insight you could bring through Stories, Groups, Music, and Surveys. You can start a group for photography beginners so that you can all learn from one another. In that group, you can create polls about which one of your photographs people prefer and use the results to make better decisions about what direction to take your style in. Create a Playlist of music inspired by a specific photoshoot, or start a group Conversation about the best ways to create a portfolio. Don’t think you’re qualified enough? You don’t have to have “made it” to start talking about your process. In fact, sharing your struggles as a beginner is more relatable for others who might also want to pick up photography.

Did you know that the first SXSW festival was founded by only three people who expected about 150 people to show up? More than 700 ended up attending. 32 years later, in 2019, the festival brought together 280,000 attendees. It just goes to show that festivals or conferences don’t have to start on a large scale to be successful. You can organize a conference for your group members after a few months if you think you all might benefit from an in-person event.  The Conferences/Festival feature within Events makes it easy for anyone to handle the logistics with tools to create, schedule, promote and run an event. You don’t have to deal with the headache of confusing ticketing features when uSync’s events give attendees passports that get them into events. You can then focus on the ideas you want to discuss rather than play damage control for relying on other products to sync up with your planning.

If you just want to use uSync as a way to share your photographs with friends and family, you can, of course, do that too using the Share feature. Sharing who see's your work whether within the uSync community, contacts from your phone, or publicly.  With uSync, you’re in control of your creative journey.

Photography is but one example of how you can scale your connections to your liking on uSync. You could promote your local charity or create a global classroom as a teacher. Whatever your passion is, there’s a place for it on uSync. Not sure about what that might be and feel intimidated by thinking you have to have it all figured out? Don’t. Go back to uSync’s Discover page and start discovering and connecting.